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"a fascinating reimagination of music gaming”

MokMok is an upcoming indie game for PC, Mac & Linux, being developed by 2Beats.
A unique experience, set in a visually stunning, bizzare world inhabited by
Mok´s - living musical instruments. Accompany them on their journey and discover ancient tunes. Use creative
tools to compose music, share music
and jam with your friends.


Meet the Moks

Discover the quirky creatures of MokMok.
Mok´s are living musical instruments.
They jump, blow and vibrate to the rhythm
of your tune. Accompany them on their journey
and influence the Mok´s music in many ways.

A Musical Journey

MokMok is a unique interactive experience, set
in a visually stunning world of living music.
Take part in a epic adventure. Discover
mystical rituals and collect ancient tunes.
Race with music. Fight with music.
Play with music like never before.

Compose & Share

MokMok offers playful yet powerful music
composition tools that enable you to express
yourself. Use the Mokbrain to create your own
beats and melodies with ease. Discover other players creations in the Mokpedia. Jam and collaborate with friends online.


Samim Winiger
Samim Winiger
Design + Programming + Music

The Team

We are a bunch of friends that love hacking at our keyboards until pure magic pops out (among other things...).

We research fun (design), push pixels (graphics), write poetry (code) and like to shout at each other (music).

True indie at heart, our goal is to stay alive. Your support keeps us going.

Join us in our quest for honest entertainment.

Marc Lauper
Marc Lauper
Design + Graphics + Levels
Jos Hoebe
Jos Hoebe
Programming + Tools
Mike Hergaarden
Mike Hergaarden
Programming + Multiplayer
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